29” Mountain E-BIKE Aluminum Frame 1500W 48V by AimDroix

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CUSTOM 1500W 29” E-BIKE 

Built by AimDroix. It will feature a 1500W motor system, a large Mountain bike frame with front adjustable suspension and 29” wheels. The 29” wheels provides more stability at high speeds, so overall much better than a 26” or 27.5” wheel.

The power system will be a 1500W with LCD. The motor will feature a built in controller so the bag in the rear of the seat will not be needed. 29” wheel will be custom fitted to the 1500W motor.

The ebike will have a 48V 13AH battery. The bike should have an estimated range of 18 miles without pedalling.



  • 1500W motor system with LCD. Built in controller ( no bag in the rear)
  • Custom rear 29” wheel motor.
  • 48V 13AH batteries
  • Large Aluminum Frame(fits 5’9” - 6’4”)
  • Estimated 18 miles of range without pedaling
  • Pedal assist . 5 levels
  • Over 32mph with fully charged battery.



  • 1 black and green 1500W Ebike with 48V 13A battery


Estimated Delivery time: Batteries are in stock but still be shipped on a separate box to prevent an overweight rate charge from FEDEX. 3 weeks for delivery.


We are not responsible for any injuries caused by this product, by buying it from us, you take full responsibility. This is a experimental product and things can go wrong when using this. Always wear a helmet and full protective gear to minimize injuries from an accident.

Off road use only. This bike maybe illegal to be ridden on public roads. 
All orders are final. No returns are accepted. 

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