Electric Scooter Rental in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Enjoy 2 hours of riding electric scooters in San Juan and Condado.

For more info: whatsapp, text, or call to (939) 808-1057 . 

Price is per scooter.

E-Scooter Specs:

350W Electric motor.

Up to 15mph  

14 miles of range

Not allowed:

Riding over water or sand. Jumping over sidewalks. Over braking ( will cause flat spots on the tire) . 

Please take good care of the scooter as if was yours. You'll be fully responsible of any damage caused by improper use. 

Before the delivery of your scooter, we'll send you by email the terms for this rental.  We'll require a picture of drivers license or passport of everyone renting a scooter ( 1 Id per scooter rental)  . We requiere each of the riders to use the app WhatsApp to communicate with you during the rental period. Each rider will have to share the live location through WhatsApp for the duration of the rental.