E-Bike 1000 Watts 48V

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1000 Watts electric bicycle that will make you giggle as soon as you get on it.

Ebike Specs:

Aluminum Frame

Adjustable Front shock

Max Speed: 28 mph (fully charged)

Max range: 20 miles (range depends on riding conditions)

Mechanical disk brakes

Front suspension

Twist Throttle


Power: 1000 Watts

Includes a 13AH 48V Ebike Battery and charger. 


 The bike comes with all electronics installed so that you can get on it as quick as possible. Something really cool that we are doing is that now I we increased the front wheel size for better control at high speeds and better bump handling. It uses a 27.5in tire and wheel in the front and then we keep the rear with a 26in wheel and tire to still provide a good torque on the bike, for a faster acceleration. You will love this.

We are not responsible for any injuries caused by this product, by buying it from us, you take full responsibility. This is a experimental product and things can go wrong when using this. Always wear a helmet and full protective gear to minimize injuries from an accident.

Off road use only. This bike maybe illegal to be ridden on public roads. 
All orders are final. No returns are accepted. 

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