Fast Electric Bike Conversion Service

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This is the best option to own an unique fast electric bike. We can convert many different bicycles into electric rides. You provide the bike, and we'll convert to electric power according to your selected specifications.


*Please carefully read the following information before ordering or contacting us*

Our electric motor systems have a rim diameter of 26in. We keep the rear with a 26in wheel and tire to deliver a faster acceleration than a larger size rim. 


The bike will be ready to go so that you can get on the road as quick as possible. 


Bicycle Requirements:

  1. Wheel Size: 26"-29"

  2. If the bicycle wheels are 27.5" or 29" the bike needs to have disc brakes. 

  3. No rear suspension. The rear suspension limits the space available for the battery. Contact us if a rear suspension it's a must have for you. 

We will use a 26"x1.95" tire. If you want to upgrade the 26" tire to a similar tire as the one that the provided bicycle has, please send us an email to



    • 1000W or 1500W Direct drive electric motor wheel.
    • Pedal assist sensor
    • LCD Screen
    • Twist Throttle
    • Li-ion Battery and charger.
    • Exclusive customer support

    System Specs:

    *specs can vary between builds, riders weight, and tire pressure.*

    System Setup
    MAX Speed
    Max Range without pedaling
    Fat Tire 26"1000W 48V 13AH
    26 MPH 16 Miles
    26" 1000W 48V 10Ah 28 MPH 15 Miles
    26" 1000W 48V 13Ah
     28 MPH 20 Miles
    26" 1000W 52V 17.5Ah 30 MPH 28 Miles
    26" 1500W 48V 13Ah  32 MPH 18 Miles
    26" 1500W 52V 17.5Ah 35 MPH 25 Miles

    The systems that we use to build the bikes have an SW900 LCD screen which allows us to do custom settings that will get the most out of the chosen setup. For setups that use a battery than will exceed the system current draw, the max current will be limited to the max current  that the battery can deliver. 

     Lead time it's 1-3 weeks after we received your bicycle in our shop.

    Orders can't be cancelled 12 hours after they are placed.