Instant battery swap system

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This system allows to instantly swap the connection of two batteries on your ebike or scooter, by just flipping a switch installed on your handle bar. The main battery need to be of the voltage choosen system



- Switch fits on your handle bars

- Extend range of your ebike or scooter 


1. Main board with wiring harness

2. Handle bar switch



-The switch it's meant to be installed on the left side handlebar grip. 

-When flipping the switch to change from one battery to the other, you should onload the system by letting off the throttle and stop pedalling, if you have pedal assist on your e-bike. 

 *No connectors are included to connect your batteries, so you'll to solder the switch power wires to your ebikes or scooter power wires and solder connectors of your battery connectors of your batteries* 


Not recommended for ebikes or scooters of over 1500W