XRay Tilt-rotor quad Ready to Fly package

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The Ready to Fly Aimdroix XRay 225mm Tilt-Rotor FPV platform is the fastest forward acceleration, toughest, and easiest to fly high-performance FPV platform right out of the box. The XRay tilt-rotor exclusive flight control dynamics provides an easy, fast and fun to fly FPV platform.The results of this are extreme fast forward acceleration, quick 180 degree turns, and even backward flight ( Yes it can actually fly backward). All of this the easiest way possible thanks to our patent pending asymmetric thrust vectoring technology. With the XRay, you can really enjoy flying at any place, at any speed, while maintaining the camera pointing towards where you want to go. No more extreme camera angles on hovering, while going fast forward or even while flying backward. So get ready for some serious flying experience that only the XRay will be able to provide you.

Needed to complete:
- 1,300(75C-100C) to 2200mah(35-55C) 4s battery
- FPV goggles


Included in the box:
- Fully built XRay Tilt-rotor quad